Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December 2012 Kidding-Lindy's Kids

Lindy (Mustang Creek Lindsay; see previous post for her pedigree.)  In March, Lindy kidded a single buckling and had a stunning udder for a first freshener.  I was definitely the most excited to see her udder this time around, and she sure didn't disappoint us!  Not only did she deliver healthy triplets, but her udder is amazing!  Large, well-attached, very good sized teats ( I haven't seen teats this nice on a Nigerian, personally), and nice open orifices too!

Lindy, 12 hours milk, 18 days fresh

Lindy was bred to our senior buck, Sunday, for a repeat of the March breeding.  She kidded triplets on December 10, 2012.  Two boys, and a girl.
  1. Fudge, buckling, tricolor, weighing 3.7lbs, brown eyes
  2. Gingersnap, buckling, gold and white (white over most of his back), weighing 2.9lbs, blue eyes
  3. Spritz, doeling, tricolor, weighing 2.8lbs, blue eyes *Retaining this doeling
All three were born easily, are healthy and growing.  Ginger is growing more slowly than his siblings, so we've begun supplementing with a bottle for him, and that is going very well.  Because he is taking a bottle, and is too sweet to fight his sibs for the teat, we would like to sell Ginger as a bottle baby.

Thanks to lots of cuddling, by us, and our junior goat tamer (our 5 year old daughter, whose very favorite pastime is to hang out holding baby goats), all three (along with all the other babies), are quite friendly and once picked up, settle in for a cuddle and maybe a nap!

Some pictures:

Lindy and babies, right after birth

In general population, sleeping in the hay feeder
Left to right: Fudge, Ginger, Spritz

Fudge in the front, Spritz on the lower log.  Fudge is such a flashy boy, and with his Daddy's look sand milk background, and his mama's udder, I think he'd make someone a great buck.

Ginger is the one nibbling Lindy's beard.

Of Lindy's babies, Spritz is being retained.  Fudge will be available at 8 weeks, as either a buck($175) or a wether($125). Ginger is available now as a bottle baby ($100), or at 8 weeks as a wether ($125).

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