Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Big Changes at RainySunday!

I think we've established repeatedly that I suck at blogging (my teacher-by-profession husband would say, "No, you don't suck, you are working on being more consistent"), or at least at blogging consistently.  I would vow to change, but really, the proof would be in the pudding, so...How about, we're on an exciting path, that I am really excited to document and share, and hopefully that will be the motivation to blog more frequently?

So, BIG NEWS!!!  We've moved from our small starter farmette, where we were renting a small part of 2 1/3 acres (working maybe 3/4 acre) and had quite a few restrictions on what we could/couldn't do.  We are now on 10 acres, a bit more rural, on a property set up for homesteading!  There are lots of outbuildings (that need work, but have great potential), fencing (that will not be even sort of Nigerian Dwarf proof, yet), and lots and lots of open space/pasture/room for an amazing garden.  We are very excited, and all 3 kids LOVE it too!  We are so so grateful for this opportunity to further pursue our vision of raising our kids on a farm, raising healthy food for us, our loved ones, and our community, and to learn more about relying on God, each other, and the land to provide for our needs.

Lots of time has passed since my last post, and even more since the few posts before that.  I will probably do some summary updating, but plan to mostly post about our new and continuing adventures as we develop RainySunday Ranch further!

Pictures next time, promise!