Monday, June 13, 2011

Kid Games

Peekaboo's babies are here!  Twin bucklings were born on Memorial Day (5/30/2011).  They are both black and white like their Daddy, Lily Creek JS Bo.  Their names are Hopscotch (born first, weighing about 4 lbs) and Tag You're It (born about 10 minutes after his brother and weighing 3lbs 3oz).  They are both super cute and doing great on the bottle (taking just about 9oz/bottle, 3 times a day).

Peekaboo is milking well also!  She has great udder texture and good rear attachment.  She is milking about 2.25 lbs per day, which is good for only 2 weeks fresh.  And she is great on the stand!

So far, we plan to keep both boys until weaning (3mos), then sell one, either intact or as a wether, and keep the other for breeding.  We will be getting another buckling from a local breeder who is about the same age to be our other breeding buck.  So, considering I planned to wait to get a buck for at least a few years (and was okay with never having one), 3 months into this, we plan to have two...sigh, this is addictive.

Now for pictures:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet Peekaboo

Peekaboo (ADGA registered: Northern Fork Bog Peekaboo) is the most recent addition to our Nigerian Dwarf herd.  She is a beautiful tricolor doe with frosted ears and muzzle and is quite sweet.  She came to us already bred to Lily Creek Farm JS Bo.  She is due the first two weeks in June and we are very excited to see her kid(s)!  We have our fingers crossed for at least one doeling!

So far, Peekaboo spends her time in the goat pen in her own kidding stall, as our herd queen is a bit ruthless and really like butting the other girls in the side (not good when the one being butted is very pregnant!).  They do get to spend the daytime hours in the pasture together, where Peek has room to get away if she needs to.  I assume they will work it out after Peek has kidded and is in the main pen with the others.

Peekaboo is a sweet doe, but still a bit shy.  She is easy to catch and willingly walks on lead to and from the pasture each morning and night.  Tomorrow, she starts her milk stand training, as we will be milking her as soon as she kids.  She will also be getting her "kidding hair cut/shave" this week so we can keep track of her progress a bit easier (as well as keep her clean after she kids).  Should be interesting to see how she does with the clippers!

Later this week we will start taking udder progress pictures, to see how she grows and changes as those babies get closer!

Northern Fork Bog Peekaboo Pedigree:

Sire: AGS MBF Kimbers Buck O Gunner
       Sire's Sire: AGS Woodhaven Farms Buck Owens
       Sire's Dam: AGS MBF Kimber
Dam: Frasers Eclipse
       Dam's Sire: AGS Tupence Matrix
       Dam's Dam: AGS Foxmeadows Luna