Monday, June 13, 2011

Kid Games

Peekaboo's babies are here!  Twin bucklings were born on Memorial Day (5/30/2011).  They are both black and white like their Daddy, Lily Creek JS Bo.  Their names are Hopscotch (born first, weighing about 4 lbs) and Tag You're It (born about 10 minutes after his brother and weighing 3lbs 3oz).  They are both super cute and doing great on the bottle (taking just about 9oz/bottle, 3 times a day).

Peekaboo is milking well also!  She has great udder texture and good rear attachment.  She is milking about 2.25 lbs per day, which is good for only 2 weeks fresh.  And she is great on the stand!

So far, we plan to keep both boys until weaning (3mos), then sell one, either intact or as a wether, and keep the other for breeding.  We will be getting another buckling from a local breeder who is about the same age to be our other breeding buck.  So, considering I planned to wait to get a buck for at least a few years (and was okay with never having one), 3 months into this, we plan to have two...sigh, this is addictive.

Now for pictures:

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