Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meet Lindy

Lindy is our youngest doe, and is due for her first kidding between February 29 and March 16, 2012 (so from Feb. 24 onward, if she went early).  Her AGS registered name is Mustang Creek Lindsay.  She is almost two years old.  Her pedigree is:

Pictures are linked where available.  I did not take these pictures, so I have linked off-site for you to view them where they originated.

Sire: Kids N Kritters Earthquake (first reference buck on this page)
       Sire's Sire: Lost Pines KW Foxglove *S
       Sire's Dam: Kids N Kritters My Angel
Dam: Camanna MM Puela
       Dam's Sire: Camanna FJ Majestic Merlin
       Dam's Dam: Camanna QR Paprika

I am really excited to see what her udder looks like as a first freshener.  She has nice long teats, so we are hoping for a great milker!  Lindy is bred to Sunday, and since he has blue eyes, we may get blue eyed kids.

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