Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 Babies

We have all four does kidding this year between 2/29-4/8 (could a bit early, or a bit late of that range, or course).  All kids will be registered/registerable with AGS and ADGA.  All bucklings will be sold (we have our bucks for now), and depending on how many doelings are born, there may be doelings available as well.  We retain the right to retain any kids from any/all breedings.  All kids will be pulled at birth and bottle-raised, so we have bottle babies available for purchase.

We are taking free reservations before kids are born.  You can put your name down for a specific breeding and gender, or ask to be on the general list.  Once kids are born, the first name on the list for each breeding will be notified and we will continue on down the list until all available kids are spoken for.  After the kids are born, there is a non-refundable deposit ($50 for bucklings, $75 for doelings) due within one week of the agreement (ie, we tell you there is a buckling available, show pictures, you say you want him, you have one week to get us the deposit and contract before he will be offered to someone else).

Bucklings will be $150, if you want them registered, they will be $175.
Doelings will be $250 and will all be registered.

As we are raising them as bottle babies this year, kids will be ready for their new homes once they are well-started on the bottle at 1-2 weeks old.  All kids will be tattooed, and boys can be brought back at 8-12 weeks old to be wethered if you do not want an intact male.  All kids go home with an information packet and  my email and phone if you have any questions.

See each doe's "Meet..." for pictures and more info on the doe, as well as "Meet Sunday" for more info on our buck.

Email me at rainysundayranch (at) gmail (dot) com for questions, or to be put on a reservation list.

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  1. Hi, Just found you from your craigslist ad, it's always nice to meet other goat owners that are local. I got my first 2 nigerians last summer, they are so much fun aren't they? Congrats on getting your blog up, it looks good. I'm blogging and having fun with all our farm animals and gardens too. So nice to meet you :) Jewel