Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Girls Photo Update

I went out and took some pictures of the girls today, to show their progress.  They are doing well and getting big!

First up, Lindy!  Lindy is due either 2/29, or 3/4-3/16.  At this point...your guess is as good as mine.  Her udder is coming along nicely for a first freshener, but her ligaments are still really firm, so she may have a while yet.  i think she will have one, but could surprise us with two (she just isn't very wide).

Next up is Amber, who is due 3/4-3/16.  She is getting quite big; I am starting to wonder if she will give us triplets?  Her ligaments are softening and her udder is coming along really nicely.  It would not surprise me if she goes in the next couple days (a few days early is common with Nigerian Dwarfs).

Next is Peekaboo, also due between 3/4-3/16.  Her udder is looking good, ligs are a bit soft.  She looks about like she did last year with twins, so we are guessing two from her this time too. (Sorry for the one pooping pictures, however it shows her udder better than the others I took).

Finally, Ali.  Ali is due either 3-4-3/16, or 4/8.  We have felt kicking baby(ies) and she is getting a nice little udder.  She does still have a ways to go yet, so I am thinking either the end of the March window, or her April date.  No guess yet on how many.

And that's the RainySunday Ranch photo update for today!  Maybe babies soon!

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