Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December 2012 Kiddings-Pluto's Kids

Green Willows Pluto
*Her son, Blitzen, catching a ride

Pluto came to us late summer from a dear friend's herd.  She was bred to our Sunday at the same time as the rest of the girls.  Pluto has a nice build, very dainty and dairy, and a well socked-on udder, with good skin texture.

Pluto kidded twin bucklings on December 11, 2012.  Both were big and healthy, and continue to be that way.  Blitzen, at 3 weeks, is over 10lbs, and Comet is over 9lbs!

  1. Blitzen, buckling, dark gold and white, weighing 4.1lbs, brown eyes
  2. Comet, buckling, lt. gold and white, weighing 3.6lbs, brown eyes

Blitzen is a real eye catcher, nice and level, long, strong, and already acting like a little stud!  Comet had a really nice look as well, a bit more fine boned, especially in the head.  I think either one would make an excellent buck, and I would keep one if we had a need for more bucks (we don't!).

Some pictures:

Blitzen, just born

Comet, just born

Comet checking out his daddy

I love Comet's head and face

Blitzen is beautiful too!

Pluto's Udder, 12 hours milk, 17 days fresh

Both of Pluto's boys are available for sale.  They will be ready for their new homes at 8 weeks.  As wethers, they will be $125 each, as registerable, intact bucklings, they will be $175 each.

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