Monday, January 21, 2013

December 2012 Kidding- Ali's Kids

Ali, 4 days before delivering

Mustang Creek Alibi FINALLY kidded on December 22, 2012.  She sure had us waiting for awhile, as we thoughts she was going to have them "any minute" from about the 7th on...On the upside, she redeemed herself by having beautiful triplet doelings!

All three doelings will be registered/registerable, and at least are available for purchase.

1st born-Holly, 3.44lbs, blue eyes, lt. gold and cream
2nd born-Marshmallow, 3.94lbs, blue eyes, lt. gold and cream (she has a toasted marshmallow spot on her back)
3rd born-Smudge, 3.25 lbs, blue eyes, tricolor

Marshow (in front) and Holly (in back), 6 days old

Smudge, spending time warming up in the house

Due to a cold snap, there are fewer pictures of these three, but we are supposed to be warming up soon, so hopefully that will change!

Holly and Marshow are available for sale for $250.  They are disbudded, registerable with ADGA and AGS, will have had their CDT shots, and ready to be weaned from mama.  They are both currently taking a supplemental bottle morning and night, so they could go to their new homes now as bottle babies.

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