Monday, February 4, 2013

Babies loved the sun this weekend!

Smudge (retained) kissing Marshow (reserved)

Holly in front, Marshow in back (reserved, both)

Lindy with her triplets (and Smudge on the log): Ginger, gold and white, blue eyes, closest to Lindy (available); Fugde, tri color, lowest on steps (reserved); Spritz, highest on steps (retained)

Birdie (Ali's April '12 doeling), Pretty girl!  

Blitzen (available)  BIG boy (over 18lbs at not quite 8 weeks!)

Spritz catching a ride on mama!  She rode her all the way down those steps and...

across the pen! (Blitzen on the stump)

Comet (reserved) testing his strength against Birdie

Pluto says "hi!"

Ginger on top step, I really like how this little boy is turning out; he is getting some nice length (available)!

Shh!  Blitzen is hiding!

Spritz-So glad this darling is staying here!

Smudge (right) and Holly (left); beautiful girls!

A good weekend was had by all, and it was so nice to spend some extra time outside with the goaties and get some new pictures!

All the babies gained over a pound this week, and the biggest is now over 18lbs at not even 8 weeks!  Go babies go!

Most of the babies are reserved, Ginger and Blitzen are still available as bucklings ($175, with registration papers), or wethers ($125, no registration papers).

Blitzen is a solid little guy, and would make a great power buck herdsire for someone!  He is friendly, but not in-your-face, which is very nice in a buck.  His mom (Pluto) has a great udder shape and texture, and his dad (Sunday) has awesome udders behind him.

Ginger is getting to be quite long and dairy and I really like his look!  He is very friendly, and as a part-time bottle baby, he is more people-oriented than Blitzen, but still not pushy.  His mom (Lindy) has incredible capacity, and is very easy to milk with nice big teats and orifices.  His dad (Sunday) has awesome udders behind him.

Both boys are ready for their new homes anytime.  They have been disbudded, had their 1st CDT, had their hooves trimmed, and will be tattoo'd before they go to their new homes.

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