Friday, March 9, 2012

Peekaboo's Twins-3/9/2012

Peekaboo kidded twins at 3am March 9th.  It was a long night waiting her out, but we did it and the birth went well.  The buckling was first, at 5lbs 3oz; he was a big guy!  Doeling followed a few minutes later at 4lbs 2oz.  Both are doing very well, and are hanging out with the other kids in the kid pen.  Everyone is getting the hang of the bottle and moms are recovering well.

Here is the buckling (Brown eyes) (1st picture is last night, and hour after birth; the rest are from today):

And doeling (blue eyes) (again, 1st picture from one hour after birth, the rest are from today)

The doeling will probably be retained, the buckling is available.

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